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How to convert from flash video(.flv) to .mov, mp4, avi, wmv, 3gp and mp3

Auto YouTube Downloader has a powerful converter which converts flash videos to mobile videos (.mov, .mp4, .3gp) which are used by cell-phone, PSP, iPod, iPhone, etc. The downloader extracts audio from videos and converts to .mp3. Also support converting to .avi and .wmv. Depend on view (Simple, Standard, Advanced) the program give you different facilities of the process converting.

Quick conversion

Quick conversion

Figure 1. Quick conversion

In Standard view you have a section (Figure 1) for quick conversion of the current video clip to the desired format. To start the conversion you need only specify the device on which you plan to view the video and click on "Convert". After conversion process folder with the desired file will open automatically (this option can be disabled in the "General program settings").

In Advanced view the converter give you aditional capabilities to cut and select the output resolution of converted videos (Figure 2). The same functionality supports in Simple view.

Advanced conversion

Figure 2. Advanced conversion

Convert multiple videos at once

If you want to convert several video clips from the table "All my videos that I watched on the Internet", then simply tick the appropriate video clips (for example, by pressing the "SpaceBar"). Then start a dialog of conversion using context menu or main menu of the application ("Movie" -> "With checked movies" -> "Convert").

Context menu

Figure 3. Context menu

Then you can edit output filename and choose output folder for your videos. You may select the desired format Then select the desired format (see list below), quality, resolution and click "Convert".

    The converter supports:
  • Ipod Video (Apple QuickTime MOV)
  • Iphone video (MPEG-4 MP4)
  • PSP Video (H264 MP4)
  • Cell Phone (H263 3GP)
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • XVid MPEG-4 Codec (AVI)
  • MPEG Audio Codec 3 (MP3)
Convert multiple videos

Figure 4. Convert multiple videos

After completion of the conversion process folder with converted files will open automatically (this option can be disabled in the "General program settings").