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Settings of Auto YouTube Downloader


Figure 1. Settings

General settings

In the program settings (Figure 2) you can specify which browsers will work with the program. It is worth noting that the reduction the number of connected to the program browsers have virtually no impact on application performance. This is an advanced caching system used by the program Auto YouTube Downloader. Also in the settings provided the ability to disable notifications about downloading video clips.

General settings

Figure 2. General settings

It is not recommended to disable autorun program at startup. The fact that some browsers can clear own cache when you close it, or have a limit on the size of the cache allocated disk space or even store own cache in memory. In all these cases, if the program is not running, the program may lose viewed video clips.

Player settings

In the player's settings (Figure 3) you can define appearance of player for your needs (size of menu icons, sound volume). Also you may set up full-screen mode and its quality (low, medium, high).

Player's settings

Figure 3. Player's settings